Executive Committee


President - Scott Revell


Vice President - Mike Miller


National Director - Larry Martin


Immediate Past President - Dave Solem


At Large - Maury Balcom


At Large - Rick Dieker

Washington State Water
Resources Association


Aging infrastructure - Federal funding for
water projects

Columbia River Treaty modernization

2019 Top Priorities

The Washington State Water Resources Association (WSWRA) is the coordinating agency for irrigation districts in Washington State. WSWRA represents over 100 irrigation districts and companies that deliver water to over 1.1 million acres of irrigated agriculture in the state. The association has a 15-member board of directors made up of irrigation district directors and managers.


The WSWRA’s mission is to promote the responsible stewardship of the water of the state, to protect irrigated lands for present and future generations, and to preserve the water rights and interests of irrigation districts and irrigation companies in Washington State.


Irrigation in Washington State is dedicated to providing water through modern means of water delivery and conservation techniques. Change is a constant in the water delivery world as irrigation districts work to meet the challenges of the day. WSWRA provides the forum for the exchange of ideas that lead to the betterment of the industry as a whole.


The major priorities in 2019 for WSWRA’s members include the support of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan and the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program, as well as addressing Bureau of Reclamation administrative gridlock.



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